ABS’ Five: ABS Shops QVC!

January 21, 2009

Do you shop on QVC? I don’t know why (until recently) I had this mind-set that QVC was solely for middle-aged women living in middle America, since I’ve slowly been discovering that they’re seriously fabulous, especially when it comes to cosmetics! They carry a lot of brands that are difficult to find elsewhere, have a lot of “QVC-exclusive” products, and often have their product videos uploaded online so that you can actually see the products being used and applied. Love it!

So what’s on my wishlist? (And yes I’m aware it’s more than give items!)

Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener
What is it: A revolutionary powder-to-liquid formula that makes brightening easy, portable, and fun. It keeps your eye area looking awake and refreshed.
Why is it different: Each microscopic capsule of powder is a ball of nourishing pigment with encapsulated water. When it touches the heat of your body and bursts, you get beautiful, brightening magic!


While I don’t really use under eye concealer/brightener, this product sounds so cool that I can’t help but want to try it! This product is exclusive to QVC so if I want it I’ll have to place my first QVC order. I really shouldn’t since I don’t need it, but I’m thinking maybe I can attempt to use it as an on-the-go concealer/highlighter of sorts since it’s powder-to-liquid form makes it might portable. And I just had to post the before and after because I think it’s absolutely hilarious! Who knew that undereye highlighter could eliminate ruddiness and make you ten shades tanner?

Tricia Sawyer Full Potential Cream Foundation &Signature Brush
What is it: A highly pigmented, non-liquid cream foundation that offers the best of both worlds–extraordinary coverage with minimal amount of product–allowing you to flawlessly correct any discoloration.
Why is it different: The foundation combines two beautifully matched shades to blend and create the perfect match to your skin. The foundation brush is made of taklon and wood with a round, filbert-style tip to help prevent streaking.

I’m still on my hunt for that perfect cream compact foundation (I’ll be reviewing one or two for you in the coming weeks including the new L’Oreal one) and so this is on my list of products to check out.

Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Deluxe Palette
What is it: Bobbi Brown is pairing sparkling eyes with creamy blushed pink cheeks and lips for a look that’s soft, refined, and absolutely effortless. Get the look with the Blush Pink Collection, created especially for QVC.
Why is it different: This collection was created especially for QVC. Bobbi hand-picked the shades in the collection to flatter a wide range of complexions.

Bobbi Brown Face Palette w/ Mini Concealer Brush
What is it: This palm-sized palette contains all the products a woman needs to achieve flawless-looking skin–concealer, corrector, pressed powder, foundation stick, and a dual-ended mini brush. Because of its small size, the palette fits into any makeup bag for easy portability.
Why is it different: Ideal for travel and on-the-go touch-ups, this face palette contains shades that are matched to each skin tone and designed to blend flawlessly. The creamy concealer smoothly covers under-eye circles and darkness, while the corrector can be layered underneath to conceal under-eye darkness. The foundation stick smoothes and evens skin, and the sheer finish powder sets the products for a long-lasting, flawless finish. The brush has a concealer brush on one side to apply concealer; and an eye blender brush on the other with soft, fluffy bristles for a light, even distribution of powder to set the concealer.

Model in a Bottle Make-Up Setting Spray
They may as well call it “genie in a bottle,” because this prettifying potion grants your wish for foundation and eye makeup that stays put all day. In addition to absorbing excess oil, non-clogging Model in a Bottle is resistant to smudging, humidity, tears, and water. Just a few quick-drying sprays is all it takes to hold everything in place.

I’ve been curious about this product for so long–I must try it! If it can deliver on even one of its promising, I’ll be more than happy.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush & Brush
What is it: A silicone-based, oil-free liquid blush that creates a waterproof, sheer finish that needs no powder to set. High-quality pigment keeps the color true throughout the day. It won’t fade, crease, or dry your complexion, giving you a flawless look.
Why is it different: It’s so easy to blend–work it into your skin simply using your fingertips or the included brush to create color-contoured cheeks or a sheer, long-lasting flush of beautiful color.


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