Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

January 19, 2009

I could’ve sworn that I blogged about this a month or so ago, but apparently I didn’t! I’ve been ridiculously forgetful as of late–the other day I found myself putting some frozen food into the cupboard on top of some plates. It seems I’m not getting enough mental stimulation =X.

So even though Ana told (and showed) me what rubbish Sexy Curves is on her, I had to try it for myself since I’m just stubborn like that (it’s the Taurus in me). Here’s what Rimmel says:

Girls, it’s time to start flaunting your curves with Rimmel’s new Sexy Curves Mascara. With up to 70% more curl full of voluptuous volume, your smouldering eyes will be the envy of every girl in town.

Thanks to its unique, curvaceous triple plump brush, the exclusive applicator is shaped to curve in, to maximise lash loading, and out, to curl and separate. The enriched collagen formula containing proteins, vitamins and conditioners that strengthens lashes, amplifies lash volume and fixes curl for up to 16 hours.

This was hard to come by in the US for some time, but I spotted this the other day at Ulta (and also at Walgreens) and it up. I’ve been playing around with it but you’ll just have to wait for the full review to see what I think!


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