FOTDS: Combat the Cold With a Little Smoke

January 18, 2009

I’ve been feeling as though I’m in a bit of a makeup rut lately. I’m just not feeling the crazy bright colors that I used to, and I find myself reaching for my MAC Smoke & Diamonds and NARS Night Clubbing waaay more often than I should be. I’m thinking the cold weather may have something to do with it-it’s hard to feel bright and colorful when the weather is so cold and icy!

Here are two smoky eyes that I did recently:

Smoky Eye #1 was created by applying MAC Smoke & Diamonds as a base, then by smudging NARS Night Clubbing (very appropriate since this was a clubbing look) from the lower lashline upwards towards my crease. I topped it all off with YSL liquid liner, and a combo of KissMe Heroine Make Volume & Curl (to give my lashes that long-lasting lift and curl I was going for) and Max Factor Volume Couture (for a little more length and lots of volume).

As for Smoky Eye #2, well to be honest I have no idea what I was wearing in terms of eyeshadow that day. That’s what I get for not writing it down and just assuming that I’d remember! I do know that I was wearing my new Kanebo tubing mascara (the one I featured in Best of 2008 post) on my lashes though.

And finally, I discovered a lipstick combination that creates almost the perfect shade of pink for me! The MAC lipstick in Lightly Ripe that I purchased from Cult of Cherry has just been sitting around in my lipstick drawer since then, virtually untouched, because I just haven’t been loving the shade-there’s nothing particularly wrong with it but it’s just a little boring. So I decided to try layering it with YSL’s Rouge Volupte in #8 Fetish Pink which is just a tad bright for my taste, and ended up with instant pink goodness!

It works out really well since I use the YSL as a base, which provides a sinfully delicious creamy consistency while the MAC on top helps to set everything and to keep it all in place.


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