Mascara Series Part 19: Givenchy Eye Fly Air Sensation Lash Extender Mascara Review & Photos

January 16, 2009
Givenchy Eye Fly Air Sensation Lash Extender Mascara/Effet Extension de Cils ($23.50)

The Claim:
Eye Fly’s secret weapon to perfectly even lashes is the patented helix brush that has short bristles to coat the lashes from root to tip and long bristles to separate, lengthen, and curl. This innovative formula combines three unique complexes: ExtraFly Complex to create an “airy sensation” that lifts each lash to wing-like perfection, Xtender Complex for maximum lengthening and separation, and ColorFly, an infusion of mother of pearl particles specially treated for lashes that shimmer with lovely highlights.

The Brush: I’d like to thank Givenchy for their patented helix brush with its short and long bristles–it’s simplicity made for some easy photographing on my part! But my photography-issues aside, Eye Fly’s brush really does succeed in separating, lenghtening, and giving the lashes a subtle lift. The wand is neither too large nor too small, making it easy to maneuver into those tight inner and outer corners, and the nicely-spaced grooves aid in coating each lash from root to tip, providing you with airy length.

The Formula:
Givenchy’s Eye Fly really does give you fluttery, air-light lashes that look ready to take flight–not necessarily a great thing if the wispy-lashed look isn’t what you’re going for, but I give them props for truth in advertising! I love love love how light and fluttery this makes my lashes feel; Eye Fly amazingly enough makes my lashes feel lighter than they did before the mascara. BUT fluttery lashes = not neatly defined and separated lashes, so this isn’t what I reach for on a daily basis. Eye Fly’s formula succeeds in providing nice length and a small amount of curl, but it’s sorely lacking in the volume department. Check out what I’m talking about in the photos below.

The Verdict: While this macsara isn’t a work-horse mascara by any means since it fails pretty miserably in the volume and clean definition departmnets, I find myself liking it quite a bit for some reason. Part of it may just be the fact that this was the first high-end mascara that I discovered at Sephora, and therefore it holds some fond memories for me, but it’s also difficult to find a mascara that provides such unique wispy length, and so I can at least say that this is different!

RATING: 3.5/5

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