Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment in #11 Rose Retabli Review and Swatches

January 16, 2009
Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment with Mango and Shea Butter ($15 but I think I paid $3ish from Sephora)

Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick delivers 8 hours of intense hydrating moisture and begins working for you the minute it is applied. Your lips will be soft, fresh and radiant with beautiful, glamorous medium coverage color. The smooth, rich formula contains soothing Mango and Shea butters and is lightly scented.

Docteur Glamour in #11 Rose Retabli

I’m a sucker for a good deal, so when I saw this on sale at while checking out with a few other items a few months back I had to pick it up–and the great reviews didn’t hurt either. I love a good tinted lip treatment (like my wonderfully emollient Korres Lip Butter in Quince) and the promise of eight full hours of intense hydration was just too much for me to resist. What can I say, I’m weak!

A more accurate representation of Rose Retabli-
this is pretty much exactly what it looks like.

The Color: Docteur Glamour in Rose Retabli is a creamy pigmented peachy pink shade that’s moisturizing, long-lasting, and probably one of the better products I’ve tried from Bourjois.

Is It Hydrating? Indeed it is! The one gripe I have with this product is that due its creamy nature, it tends to “catch” in the dry areas of your lips if that makes any sense. You know how your lips get those dry little flakies? Well product will sort of amass in there giving you an uneven look. But give it a half hour or so and Docteur Glamour will work his magic on your lips, turning them from dry and scaly to soft and supple.

Was it worth my $3? Most definitely! Would I repurchase it for $15? I’m not sure.


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