Prescriptives MotorEyes Vibrating Instant Action Volume Mascara

January 15, 2009
Prescriptives MotorEyes Instant Action Volume Mascara ($32)

Prescriptives’ MotorEyes Mascara is currently available for pre-order exclusively from QVC and is set to ship on 2/20/2009.

The vibrating brush and innovative mascara give lashes instant impact. The patent-pending, vibrating brush works synergistically with the high-performance formula. It wraps each lash in thick, rich, vibrant color while continuous brush vibrations give lashes extreme volume, lift, curl, and length.

Twist the mascara cap at the middle to open. The motor will automatically turn on. Use care in applying mascara. Slowly pull the brush up through lashes, starting at root. Repeat for more coverage. To close, twist cap tightly until the motor shuts off.

Interested in reading more about vibrating mascaras? Check out my review of Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara HERE!

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