Feeling The Love!

January 15, 2009

I’ve been quite the lucky blogger lately-during the past week or so I’ve received two wonderful packages from two very lovely ladies.

Taryn of Destination Cosmetica sent me a gorgeous Awake eyeshadow palette comprised of various shades of gold that are absolutely stunning, along with two of the cutest blushes I’ve ever laid eyes on. Apparently Grasenbon blushes are all the rage in Japan (and I can see why with the girly pink packaging and beautiful color range) and she was generous enough to send along two of them for me to play with. I can’t wait to review these for you all! I seriously have Taryn to thank for most of my Japanese makeup collection–you wouldn’t get nearly as many fun reviews were it not for her!

As if that wasn’t enough happiness for one week, I also received a package from Vanessa of Van’s Makeup Ride containing a Beautyblender set (which I’d mentioned wanting HERE) and an Origins body wash.

I’m seriously blessed to have such wonderfully generous people visiting my blog–thank you so much ladies for your kindness and thoughtfulness! I promise to put these products to good use!


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