ABS’ Five: Sabon NYC

January 14, 2009

I had a friend who absolutely loved Sabon and so every time we passed one of their stores we’d pop in to wash our hands at their giant, multi-station, wishing-well reminiscent sinks. Back then their product range consisted pretty much of the body scrub and butter cream, but it looks like they’ve expanded since those days!

Lavender Apple Body Scrub ($30)
This bestselling Body Scrub is a Sabon classic, based on Dead Sea salt crystals and drenched in macadamia, almond and soy bean oils. The salts are mineral rich and are perfect for the gentle removal of dead skin cells to reveal new and radiant skin. Use twice weekly to improve circulation, and to nourish the skin. Recommended for all skin types. Choose from Lavender Apple, Lemon Mint, Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut and Tropic.

If you’ve never been to Sabon and you have one in your area you should definitely check it out! When yuo walk into the store they ask you if you’d like to wash your hands, and then they let sniff each scrub and choose one which to wash (then follow up with the coordinating moisturizer). My favorite happens to be Lavender Apple, since I tend to love fresh fruity scents, but regardless of which one you choose, they all leave your hands feeling fabulously soft and looking radiant and renewed. I’m dying to get one of these to use in the shower, but have never been able to bring myself to spend the $30 =X.

Body Oil in Vanilla ($19)
Ours is a delicate sweet almond-based formula that instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture. With notes of delectable essential oils, our Body Oil makes a wonderful fragrance and body lotion in one, lending a radiant glow to the skin. Choose from Amber, Lavender Musk, PLV or Vanilla.

This is one of those products that they didn’t have when I first started visiting Sabon, but it’s an amazing addition to their line. It’s quite possibly the yummiest vanilla that I’ve ever smelled (although if you don’t like sweet this probably isn’t for you) and it comes in a convenient spray packaging so there are no spillage issues to be had. Another product that’s been on my wishlist for quite some time!

Butter Cream in Lavender Apple ($26)
Drenched in goodness, our butter cream is the perfect answer to thirsty skin. This decadent cream contains top quality African Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax for excellent skin rehydration and recovery. Amongst Shea butter’s unique healing properties are reversal of scars and stretch marks, rashes and eczema. Although it is one of the richest moisturizers in the entire product line, it is easily absorbed and smooth as silk. Recommended for normal/dry/cracked skin.

If I need the scrub, I obviously also can’t be without the coordinating Butter Cream in Lavender Apple, right? This stuff is super-hydrating, feels fabulous on, and also comes in a nice, weighty glass jar (and it’s also available in tube form for those of you who abhor sticking your fingers in things!).

Hand Cream in Lavender Apple ($13)
Put this on your list of essential office supplies. A great unisex lotion, its light and non greasy texture makes dry, chapped hands inexcusable. Gently enriched with essential oils, silicone, vitamin E and C, this yummy experience will leave your hands, nails and cuticles feeling fresh and smooth and looking significantly younger. Easily absorbed with the ever popular, Lavender Apple scent.

I’ve never actually seen this product in person, but since it comes in Lavender Apple I’m thinking I’ll love it!

Lip Gloss in Bright Pink ($13)
Utterly modern, utterly ravishing, Bright Pink with irridescent flecks of gold, is a shimmering choice. With a velvety, soft texture, Sabon Lip Gloss spreads evenly and leaves no sticky residue on the lips. It is long lasting, moisture rich, and designed to keep the lips soft and luscious.

I had no idea Sabon had started carrying makeup until Nicole pointed their glosses out to me one da, but I’m loving the descriptions. I’d actually forgotten all about my unrequited Sabon-love in recent months, but Nicole has revived it with her recent purchases and I definitely foresee a trek to Sabon in the near future!

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