Drugstore Discoveries: While Wandering the Aisles of Walgreens

January 11, 2009
Photos taken on my cellphone so excuse the crappy quality!

I won’t name names, but somebody’s boyfriend is a lazy butt who can’t seem to manage to drag himself out of bed certain mornings, and so I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time at Walgreens the other day while waiting for my lovely SO to show up. He’s just lucky they’d put out a ton of fun new merchandise that day or he would’ve found one cranky woman awaiting his arrival!

L’oreal has a new Super-Blendable Compact Makeup which I was tempted to nab since I”m always on the hunt for a great creamy compact foundation. Years ago Versace made one that was my HG, but of course they discontinued the line and I was out of luck. I haven’t been able to find anything that even comes close since then.

CoverGirl & Olay have teamed up to bring us Simply Ageless, a foundation that won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I pretty much just liked the fun swirly look of it–it reminded me of a jar of peanut butter with marshmallow swirls throughout–yum!


From L’oreal HIP we have these fun new Color Presso (sorry but such a stupid name!) glosses that are basically two glosses in one that you can mix to create your own “custom” (not really) shade. Basically depending on how hard you squeeze each side you get a different mix of the two shades. At $12.99 I wasn’t biting, although I did happen to see their new eye kohls the other day and really wanted one. Too bad I felt they were horribly overpriced!


Covergirl has finally officially launched their Outlast Lipstains which are meant to give your lips a gorgeous, long-lasting stain of color. They’re decently priced at $7.99 but I’ve heard mixed reviews so held off on purchasing, although the more time I spent at Walgrees, the more these called to me! I seriously spent nearly an hour there–the employees must’ve thought I was crazy!


I saw these two cute displays and was surprised to see that the products were by Wet n Wild! I guess I shouldn’t have been since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by them before (check out these absolutely beautiful Wet n Wild i-sparkle palettes). The Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shines contain energy-boosting ingredients like ginkgo biloba, ginseng, guarana, and acai and some of the colors were seriuosly gorgeous!


Wet n Wild has also come out with a line of mineral products which looked like they cost much more than their $3.99 price tag.


So while I spent a ton of time at Walgreens, I didn’t actually end up with all that much. I picked up this Almay Pure Blends Mineral Makeup shown above since it was marked down from $13 or so to $3ish, a Maybelline brown pencil and brow gel (will be reviewing these–love them!) since they were BOGO 50%, and a few other random odds and ends. I wasn’t sure what else you’d all be interested in, so if you see something in this post that you’d love to see reviewed just let me know since I’m just looking for an excuse to purchase these!

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