Royally Pissed Off at Bliss at the Moment

January 9, 2009

So remember how I was going on and on about how excited I was that Remede was on sale at Bliss (in this post) and that I’d purchased a bunch of items? So I placed three orders on January 30th. The first order was 2 eye creams and a face mask for SO’s mother, which arrived January 31st. The second order, which I placed all of 30 minutes later, was for an eye cream and 2 face products; and the third order, placed 5 minutes after the second (I decided I wanted another eye cream).

So the next day I see that Bliss has a 25% off promotion going on but I suck it up and deal since I’m getting the products at a good discount and I’m excited to receive them. I wait and wait–no sign of the packages. I repeatedly check my order status online–nothing. So I call Bliss customer service on January 5th and speak to customer service rep who apparently blatantly lied to me and told me that my package had been packed up that day and would be shipping out that day–some lame excuse about how the mask I’d ordered had been out of stock and had just come back in stock. She assured me that both packages would be shipping out that day.

Last night I get an e-mail from Bliss letting me know that my first package has shipped finally out–but I check the invoice and see that I’ve only been charged for 2 items intead of three. Mind you this is a full week and a half after I placed my order! I call customer service and they tell me “Oh we’re sorry the eye creams sold out, so you won’t be receiving them. We’re notifying people in the sequence that orders were placed so you should be receiving your notification eventually.” Excuse me? It’s been 10 freaking days!!! How long does it take to send an e-mail? And how do you not know that something has been out of stock for ten days?

I’ve had issues with Bliss’s shipping and processing time before, but this is the last straw–incompetence, outright lying, and horrible customer service are huge no-no’s in my book. You can believe that I’ll never be shopping with Bliss again!

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