Guerlain Spring 2009 Paradis Exotique Collection Swatches and Mini-Review

January 9, 2009
Left Half: Swatches of Ombre Eclat Exotic Paradise Eyeshadow Palette
Right Half: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss (top to bottom) in Cerise Tentation, Orange Interdite, and Pomme du Desir

I happened to see that Bergdorf Goodman had Guerlain’s new Paradis Exotique Spring 2009 Collection out (which I blogged about here) and couldn’t resist swatching for you lovely ladies! I wasn’t expecting much since I’d been a little disappointed by their Holiday 2008 Midnight Butterly release; the packaging was amazingly beautiful, but the eyeshadows were super sheer, the mascara sucked (see my review here), and the only item i really loved was the Meteorites.

Overall I’d have to say that Guerlain did much better with Spring 09!


Same swatches as above, different lighting.

Guerlain ‘Ombré Éclat Exotic Paradise’ Eyeshadow Palette

While I’m a sucker for Guerlain’s packaging, I tend to not be a huge fan of their eyeshadow palettes since they’re often not terribly pigmented can be a little on the crumbly side, and are usually pretty boring color-wise so their Ombre Eclat Exotic Paradise Eyeshadow Palette was a pleasant surprise. While the shadows, as expected, aren’t nearly as pigmented as the ones that I usually go for, I didn’t have much trouble getting the colors to show up on my hand (other than the orangey peach shade), and I love how the four shades look together. Luckily I have an ancient Revlon or Maybelline palette that contains these exact same shades =P.

Swatches: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss in Pomme du Desir, Orange Interdite, and Cerise Tentation

As promised I went and checked out the green gloss–but I’ll wait to tell you about it until I’ve described the other two to you! Cerise Tentation, while a very pretty sheer strawberry pink, was just a little lacking in the shimmer/glitter department, especially next to Orange Interdite and Cerise Tentation. Orange Interdite wasn’t nearly as bright, nor as tangerine as I had expected and ended up looking like more of a bright peachy shade once swatched. And of course Pomme du Desir, the “green” gloss! While rather unusual thanks to its abundance of green and yellow shimmery bits, it’s also pretty stunning I must say. On my hand it looked more yellow than green, but once spread with the applicator it’s essentially a nearly clear gloss that gives off stunning shine–it was seriously dazzling!

Close-up of Pomme du Desir

I ended up coming home empty-handed since I’m on something of a lipgloss ban (I own waaaay too much and refuse to indulge my obsession!) but I can’t seem to stop thinking about that pretty green gloss…

Think you’ll be getting anything from Guerlain’s Spring 2009 Paradis Exotique?

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