ABS’ Five, A Photo of Yesterday’s Lunch, Some Smurfette, and Random Shopping Bits

January 9, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Takashimaya (the cutest Japanese department store near Henri Bendel’s on Fifth Avenue) with a friend for some afternoon tea since I was absolutely famished, and since my Tea Set was simply adorable I figured you’d all enjoy a photo! My tray had fresh fuit, vegetable chips, pressed rice sandwiches, a summer roll, candied nuts, a panna cotta/custardy dessert, and some yummy Japanese cookies (including a Yoku Moku–my fave cookies!). It also came with a pot of tea, and a rock crystal sugar stirrer. It was so nice to just sit down and relax for once!

I stopped by Henri Bendel, Berfgdorf Goodman, and Barney’s but unfortunately nothing really caught my eye and so I can home pretty much empty-handed. Okay so I lie–nothing caught my eye that I was willing to spend money on. While at Barney’s, however, I did develop a major obsession with Bobbi Brown’s new Bright Eyes Palette (which I blogged about here):


Now what the lovely people at Bobbi Brown have failed to mention to us beauty addicts is that the photos of the palette is pretty much true to size! This thing is seriously tiny–when opened its 6.3″ L x 4.25″ W, and when closed quite literally fits into the palm of my hand. It pained me to pay $70 (plus the exorbitant NYC tax rate) for 35 tiny shadows that I could barely get at with my finger to swatch, so it stayed at the store. I’m sure the fact that the shadows are matte also had something to do with it, but nevertheless I can’t stop thinking about it =X.

Now on a completely unrelated note, I’ve had this Too Faced Smurfette Collection photo on my phone for weeks and yet somehow I haven’t shared it with you yet! Feast your eyes on the smurfiness!


Check out my five for this week after the jump!

Annick Goutal Eau Splendide Vitalisante ($89)
Enriched with Active Rose Serum, this refreshing rose scented all-over body spray instantly hydrates, leaving the skin smelling and feeling luxurious.

My friend pointed this out to me at Barney’s, and more than anything I wanted it for the gorgeous pink frosted glass bottle.

Belmacz Gold Lead Lip Gloss ($32)
The rose-scented balm comes in four jewel colors and contains actual gold flecks that break down to create a full, glistening effect on the lips.
Another Barney’s find, I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things about this product. Unfortunately at $32 I’m thinking my lips will have to remain gold-free a little longer.

Belmacz Halo ($46)
A gorgeous balm made with finely crushed pearls and blended with rosehip oil, cocoa butter and tiny flakes of 24-carat gold leaf. Silky in texture and enhanced with a subtle rose fragrance, it melts away on application leaving the the skin bathed in a sensual glow. Combining protection with an enigmatic enhancement, and rich in Vitamin E, Halo can be used on the face or all over the body. It also makes a glamorous yet effective lip balm or brow fixer!

Yet another product we stumbled upon at Barney’s! I do love the sound of crusshed pearls, 24-carat gold, and other great ingredients packaged into a compact little tub, but my wallet need a little convincing before it will agree to part with the $46 this would cost me.

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95)
Blending tradition and vision, creativity and innovation, Le Métier introduces the Black Matte Kaleidoscope Eye Kit combining four irresistible shades of True Color Eyeshadow to create a sophisticated and chic neutral look or a sultry, plum-infused smoky eye. Each color glides on smoothly, evenly and is extremely long-wearing. Finely-milled, true-to-color pigments leave an exquisite shine. Shades, including Canvas, Rosé, Champagne, Alexandrite, and Sequoia, are beautiful for all skin tones.

This was a Bergdorf Goodman discovery, and while I didn’t have a chance to swatch the shadows or actually check out any of Le Metier de Beaute’s products, I did take a second or two to play with this fun swivel packaging reminiscent of those stacking lipgloss towers we used to have as kids.

Lancôme ‘La Laque Fever’ Lip Shine ($26)
For the first time at Lancôme, an elixir of vibrant concentrated color and unprecedented shine in one gliding stroke. From the moment of application, densely pixilated pearls combined with unique polymers give multidimensional shine that truly holds to your lips: no touchups for six hours. New soft-sculpt applicator smoothly polishes and precisely designs fuller lips in a perfectly even layer for sensual, impeccable contours.


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