Dior’s Lady Dior Compact Now Online…

January 6, 2009
…and I could cry! Has anybody else checked out the price on this thing?!

Dior ‘Lady Dior’ Compact ($95)
One of Dior’s greatest fashion icons, the legendary Lady Dior handbag, inspires this exclusive mini-bag compact with sparkling metal and faux-leather accents and a ring clasp to attach it to your handbag. Open to enjoy the sheer chic of Dior cheek highlighter plus a glossy lip tint. Hand it to Dior to have such charm.

If you don’t remember, I blogged about the Lady Dior Compact in this post (which has some great photos btw) and mentioned that it retails for 89,000 won, which with the current exchange makes it just under $70–but it’s $95 in the US!!! I wouldn’t be complaining quite so much if this were at least real leather, but for faux-leather I feel like $100+ after tax is all a bit much. And of course I’m doing all this whining because I really really want it but would feel ridiculously guilty purchasing this.

On a happier note, I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty indulging in this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent GOLDEN GLOSS N° 27 Shimmering Lip Gloss ($28) since 30% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.


I’ll also be checking out YSL’s new Spring Collection which, after the Lady Dior compact, is looking mighty affordable!



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