A Beautyful Sentiment Gets A Makeover!

January 6, 2009
So if you haven’t noticed already, the blog looks a little (okay a lot) different. I decided that it’d be fun to ring in 2009 with a flirtier, more personalized look for A Beautyful Sentiment, so here it is–a new look for the new year!

The ratings system, the “ABS Loves” icon, and my watermark also got small makeovers to go with the new look of the blog so don’t be thrown off–it’s the exact same concept, just with a new and improved look! Unfortunately some of my photos were watermarked before the changes went into effect, so you’ll be seeing a mix of both my old and new watermarks scattered throughout the blog, but in a week or so everything will be new and confusion free!

The new ratings system will look like this:
for 3.5/5

And the new ABS Loves icon will look like this:

In addition I’ll be filling in the tabs up top throughout the next day or two (so be patient with me!) and adding a bunch of great new ones so you can find my favorite products, mascara reviews, etc. etc. all with the click of a finger.

I hope that you love A Beautyful Sentiment’s new look as much as I do!


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