Dior Lady Dior Spring 2009 Collection Photos

December 30, 2008
Lady Dior Cannage Bag ($1,800)

So it looks like Dior has finally decided to indulge both my bag and makeup obsessions in one sweet little package–this Lady Dior compact.


This is just one of those products that causes me to squeal with delight! Yes I’m sure it’s ridiculously overpriced, horribly impractical, clunky, heavy, and not the wisest purchase I could make given the state of the economy, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Check out more photos of Dior’s Spring 2009 release here–it looks like this could double as a very cute bag charm, and would be absolute perfection for those of you who own the Lady Dior bag!

(photo from this Korean blog)

The Lady Dior compact contains a lip/cheek color and a highlighter and comes in two colors families. I’m leaning towards the pinkier shade (as opposed to the red) myself but of course I need to see these in person before making any final decisions. The compact retails for 89,000 won in Korea which is the equivalent of approximately $70 dollars—ouch!!!


Also a part of Dior’s Spring 2009 release are these two 5-Color Eyeshadow Quints, one iridescent (on the left), and one not. They look to be very pretty neutrals but I can easily live without these.

Are you feeling Dior’s Spring 2009 Collection?

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