How Was Your Christmas?

December 29, 2008
The adorable VooDoo Baby my brother got me.
(Thanks for the info Nicole!)

Scroll all the way down to see what my amazing SO got me!

Mine was fabulous! Seriously one of the best Christmases of my life! I got to cook a delicious meal for family, spend some quality time with all my loved ones, and I received tons of great stuff. What’d I get you ask? Well that little doll in the photo above was part of my brother’s gift to me, along with a Sephora gift card and some other great stuff. Most of my other gifts came in the form of cash (at this point in my life money always makes a great gift!); I got a coat and cashmere scarf from my mother, and the most amazing gift ever from SO! You can almost see it in the background in the photo above–you’ll just have to scroll all the way to find out what it is!

But since this is a beauty blog I guess we’ll get into my Christmas look first. I was wearing OPI’s Don’t Toy With Me layered over Little Red Wagon, but then I decided to go for a more subtle look and applied OPI Sheer Your Toys (picked this OPI holiday polish up for 50% off) topped with a coat of Glamour Game to get the look you see above. Check out a better photo of my nails below!

I wanted to go for a pinky/red and green-themed look but didn’t want anything too wild since my mom’s not a fan of loud eye makeup, so I ended up wearing MAC pigments in Gilded Green and Rose (click here to learn how to press your own pigments) topped with a little (messy) liner for a quick and festive look. And as you can see I’m wearing a TON of mascara!

Okay so onto SO’s Christmas present to me! We’d agreed not to exchange gifts this year and per our agreement we didn’t, but while we were shopping at Nordstrom the next day (12/26/08) we happened upon this gorgeous Chloe Paddington on sale. It was instant love for me but purchasing it was out of the question (the thing retails for $2,125!!!)–I have a major designer bag obsession but thanks to all my Christmas shopping I was flat broke. Out of the blue SO asks me if I’d like it; of course I just thought he was messing with me and brushed it off, but look what I came home with!

Isn’t she gorgeous? Now I have two Chloe’s to love and adore! Needless to say I won’t be receiving another gift from SO for a very very very long time but this gorgeous bag was well worth it!

How was your Christmas?


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