Join Me On A Virtual Trip to Mitsuwa!

December 22, 2008

I know I’ve chatted with a few about Mistuwa (my local Japanese supermarket) at one point or another, and it’s seriously one of my favorite places in the world. They carry all sorts of delicacies flown in from Japan, and they also happen to have an amazing range of cosmetics!

Since you can’t all live in New Jersey and visit the wonderfulness that’s Mitsuwa, I thought I’d take you on a short little photo journey through their cosmetics aisle.

See that product on sale for $4.99 on the upper right? I’ll be reviewing that for you soon!

I’ll be reviewing Mandom’s wonderful makeup remover as well (bottom right).

See Biore’s Marshmallow Whip hiding in the corner?

And we get to my favorite photos–the boxes of hair dye! I love the gorgeous girls on the boxes, and of course, their makeup.


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