OPI Holiday in Toyland Collection Review

December 19, 2008

I picked up OPI’s Tiny Toybox–a mini set of four of their Holiday in Toyland polishes–because it was simply the cutest thing that I’ve seen in ages. I’m usually the kind of person who uses a polish once or twice and then gets sick of it, so to have four mini polishes is perfect–I can use them once or twice and then move onto the next shade!

Glamour Game:
A shimmering champagne gold, great for a slightly frosty holiday look.

Brand New Skates:
A medium dark silver/gray with gorgeous multi-colored flecks of glitter that’s my favorite polish of the four. It’s dark without being too dark, glistens beautifully in the light, and the perfect polish for those days when you’re just not feeling the black polish.

Don’t Toy With Me!:
A burgundy sparkler that’s seriously stunning. You can see photos of me wearing it here, but honestly the photos don’t do it justice as it’s a much deeper, multi-dimensional shade that sparkles brilliantly. I generally avoid red polishes like the plague, but I’ve fallen hard for this one.

Little Red Wagon:
A classic holiday red that’s gorgeous for that Christmas-morning manicure.

OPI’s Baby It’s Coal Outside

I promised you a comparison of Dior’s Black Sequins and OPI’s Baby It’s Coal Outside nearly two months ago after the ever helpful Deb mentioned that the two are rather similar, and it took me awhile to track it down but here it finally is! Deb thank you so much for turning me onto this polish, because not only is it less than half the price of the Dior, but I actually find it to be much prettier!

The Dior has a finer shimmer to it that while visible just doesn’t give as great a starry night effect as Baby It’s Coal Outside does, and while the OPI dries to a nice smooth finish, the Dior retains a slightly gritty texture. The one thing that Black Sequins does have going for it is the fact that the polish is super black whereas the OPI tend to be a little less so. But overall both polishes are absolutely gorgeous and make for stunning black nails with a touch of silver shimmer.

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