December 16, 2008

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Digital Angel, so here are a few random facts about me! It probably won’t end up being the 16 it’s supposed to be since I’m just not all that interesting, but here goes!

1) I have a bit of an arts & crafts obsession. Whether it’s rhinestones, crystals, beads, fabric, random found objects–I love to make things! I guess I just love for things to be beautiful.

2) I’m a huge bag whore. I know some of your know this already, but I have a thing for designer bags. It’s a terrible (and expensive) vice I know, but we love what we love, right?

3) I am totally, completely and utterly in love with my dog Chloe. She’s my soulmate in furry doggy form.

4) I have small little compulsive tendencies that drive other people nuts. I feel the need to coordinate my closets by clothing type/season, everything’s color-coordinated, and I need to know where every piece of clothing is–when my room is neat that is. When it’s not organized, it’s a pig-sty, and there’s really no in-between for me.

5) While I preach about the benefits of drinking ton of water, I don’t drink nearly enough of it myself. I’m lucky if I remember to drink a cup a day.

6) I love to cook, and I read cooking blogs more than I do makeup blogs.

7) When I was younger I believed I could fly. I’d leap off my bed with my arms outstretched, waiting to take flight and soar upwards. If only!

8) Odd numbers really bother me! Have you ever noticed that there’s always an even number of comments on this blog? There’s a reason for that!


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