Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Cleansing Foam Review

December 16, 2008
Biore Marhmallow Whip Facial Cleansing Foam ($13.99 or so from Mitsuwa)

Product Info: Produces ‘whipped and bouncy marshmallow- like lather’ just by pumping the bottle. Fine 200 micron lather envelopes the skin as it cleanses thoroughly removing sebum from the pores. The skin’s natural elasticity is maintained throughout the washing process. The formulated moisturizing agent leaves skin smooth and silky.

Their happy bouncy foam…

I’ve been going to my local Japanese supermarket at least twice a week for as far back as I can remember; it’s currently named Mitsuwa, but back in the day it was called Yaohan. Yet in all those years of grocery shopping there I never really paid much attention to their cosmetics aisle until a year or two ago, and now it’s like a whole new world has opened up to me! Shiseido shampoos, Mandom and Naive cleansers, and Biore products that are hard to come by in the US, all neatly lined up and ready to be purchased. Now if only I could read the labels, I’d be golden!

A few days back Mitsuwa had a 20% off store event (I guess the economy’s hitting everyone hard, since I’ve never seen them do thi sbefore) in which nearly everything in the market was discounted–so of course I indulged in a few products I’d been dying to test out. Amongst my goodies was this marshmallow shaped little bundle of fun; it’s pink, it’s round, and it has the words “marshamallow whip” in its name–how could I resist?

…versus my sad, deflated Marshmallow Whip. I just wasn’t quick enough with the camera–I only have two hands!

Biore’s Marshmallow Whip is a lightly fresh floral scented cleanser that dispenses as a light, fluffy white foam. I love pushing down on that chubby pink pump to end up with a handful of bouncy, marshmallowy goodness, and this definitely encourages me to wash my face on those nights when I’m just dying to fall into bed. Marshmallow Whip is definitely gentle enough for use by those of you with dry skin, but I don’t find that it does an amazing job of removing my eye makeup, particularly mascara and the like. I tend use this as the final step in my cleansing routine to remove any cream/oil cleanser residue before applying my serum/moisturizer.

I love the novelty factor, the light fresh scent, and how gentle this stuff is on my skin. Post cleanser my face feels like it’s had a soothing milk bath–no tight, dry, too clean feeling to be found. Plus I recently discovered one of the best makeup removers known to man, and the Biore just goes so well with it! If you can find this near you and you like trying fun new products, pick this up and let me know what you think! I can definitely see myself repurchasing at some point.


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