Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Gel with Scrub Review

December 13, 2008
Kanebo Sensai Step 1 Silky Purifying Gel with Scrub ($50 for 4.3 oz)
An ultra-smooth rinse-off gel with scrub that dissolves make-up quickly without friction. The first step of the Sensai Double Cleansing system, followed by a second step, a Sensai soap specific for your skin’s needs.

Containing Koishimaru Silk, ginseng extract, almond oil, orange oil, and a bunch of other great ingredients, Sensai’s Silky Purifying Gel with Scrub rids the skin of any makeup/grime accumulated during the day while unclogging pores, all with the soft caress of silk.

This soothing gel melts into a silky oil cleanser after a few seconds of massaging, making for a wonderful sensory experience. While the scrubby bits are few and far between, meaning this is mostly cleansing gel and very little scrub, this does a fabulous job removing makeup while leaving your skin with a hydrated, clean sensation. While I absolutely adore my SK-II cleansing oil, it doesn’t travel so well (oil in a pump container = disaster waiting to happen); but this Kanebo cleanser will be going everwhere my SK-II can’t!

See the grayish particles that consist of the “scrub”?

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