Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick Review and Swatches

December 10, 2008
Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks in 24K Pink Golden Rose, and Natural Gold ($8 but currently $4.99)

Avon’s new Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks contain precious glittering flecks of actual 24K gold to give lips opulent shimmer and shine. They’re currently available in a range of 10 shades, and while most of them lean towards the brighter end of the spectrum, there should be something for everyone.

Close-Up of 24K Pink

I’ll admit that I was suckered in by the allure of having actual 24K flecks in my lipstick for the low low price of only $4.99! But per my last few Avon reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by these 24K lipsticks. They’re relatively creamy, apply smoothly, have beautiful pigmentation, wear well, and there isn’t a hint of unflattering frostiness to be seen. They’re pretty much of the quality that I’d expect from a department store product, and for the price I paid for them I’m one happy makeup junkie.

Swatches (L to R): Golden Rose, 24K Pink, Natural Gold

What I unfortunately wasn’t so into was the color selection. My one gripe with Avon is that their online color swatches stink! Half of them look the same, and the shades that you end up with never end up looking like the swatch. I would’ve preferred to have at least one lipstick in a soft pink shade, but it looks like they all lean towards being of the more eye-popping variety. Oh well! Onto the lips shots!

Natural Gold:
Probably the least 24K Gold Lipstick-y of the bunch. You see a few stray gold flecks in person, but it’s definitely the smoothest and creamiest of the bunch. It has the tinigest tinge of orange which I’m not crazy about, but all in all it’s rather pretty.

Golden Rose:
For some reason this one looks more silvery than gold in both the swatch and lip photo. Contrary to the name, I’d say this is more of a bright pink with rose undertones. Probably my least favorite of the bunch.

24K Pink:
Can you tell by all the photos that I absolutely love this one? If you scroll back up and check out the close-up of this lipstick you’ll see that you get the most gold for your $4.99! I absolutely adore the bright pink shade and the golden glow that this gives my lips.

Close-up of 24K Pink on my lips so you can see all the golden flecks. Isn’t it pretty?

I just had to photograph this–look at all the gold! 24K Pink of course.

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