See What Boredom Does?

December 8, 2008
Angel Panda

Shopping when you’re bored and a little depressed never results in any good, at least for your wallet. My aimless wanderings throughout Walgreens and Whole Foods resulted in these two acquisitions, both of which were completely unnecessary–but at least I ended up cheerier!

The water bottle is produced by a Swiss company called Sigg and I absolutely adore it, even if it is for children lol. The adult versions were just too large for me to pop in my purse, plus I loved the image on this one. It’s an angel/devil bottle so on one side we have angel panda, and on the other the devil panda–I could just squeal over the cuteness factor!

Devil Panda

I also picked up Conair’s Infiniti Hair Styler since it was $10 off at Walgreens and I don’t have my own blowdryer–probably since I never use one. I figured this would come in handy on those rare occasions I decide to do something to my hair other than let it air dry.

I also picked up a few other odds and ends that you’ll be hearing about soon!


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