Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation SPF 25 Review and Swatches

December 4, 2008
Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation SPF 25 ($55)
What it is:
A luminous, extreme-wear foundation with SPF 25. Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation leaves the complexion glowing with a naturally matte finish. This Tibetan Rhodiola plant formulation helps cells withstand temperature variations, intense heat, and stress—making this product last for at least eight hours.

Packaging: LOVE! While it’s not the most portable of foundation bottles, I absolutely adore the luxurious weightiness of the glass and the topper is just gorgeous, with “Guerlain” etched on the front and their logo imprinted on top. The pump is easy to use and not stiff so you can get the exact amount of foundation you need, and no more or less.

The Foundation: I really wanted to love this, and to some extent I did. What makes me so sad is that I really felt that this could have been my HG foundation if it weren’t for two fatal flaws. But first the good. This foundation has a water, runny consistency that is super easy to apply and blend and also quick to dry. You’d think that such a liquidy product would have terrible coverage, but oh how wrong you’d be! Parure Extreme gave me fabulous coverage and nearly flawless yet natural looking skin, helped keep my oilies at bay, felt light as air (I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing foundation), and like I mentioned was just so easy to use.

So by this point I bet you’re wondering just what is so wrong with this foundation. Well my biggest issue was with the shade selection, or lack thereof. Parure Extreme comes in a range of 9 shades, but none of them seems to be light enough for me, and considering I’m not super-pale I can see many people having issues with selecting a suitable shade.

I picked this up in shade Beige Clair 02 and while it looked good in my dim bedroom lighting, it seemed to oxidize and when I would check it outside I just looked so…yellow. I also felt like it might have been breaking me out, so back it went!

A squirt of Parure Extreme in Beige Clair 02. See how runny it is? The blob was round but when I went to take a photo it couldn’t hold its shape.

Spread out a little.

All blended in! Great coverage with a natural, foundationless look.

While this didn’t work out so well for me, I’m tempted to give it another try because I loved the formula just that much. Other than the color-matching issues this is probably one of the best foundations that I’ve tried.

RATING: 3.5/5


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