Bourjois Gloss Bijou Review and Swatches

November 29, 2008
Bourjois Gloss Bijou in Shade Rose Precieux

Bourjois’ limited edition Gloss Bijou is a weighty disco ball-esque pendant that contains a shimmering pink lipgloss with coral tinges enriched with light-reflecting micro-crystals.

The top half of the ball swivels outwards to reveal the shimmery gloss housed within. While not the most practical method of transporting gloss thanks to the fact that the pendant is solid metal and pretty ridiculously heavy, it is rather pretty! As for the pendant aspect of this, I’m not feeling so inclined to weigh my neck down with a heavy metal disco ball–but that’s just me! I would, however, pop the silk cord off this, replace it with a metal ball chain and you’ve got an instant keychain/bag charm with the added bonus of gloss inside.

And the gloss? Nothing to write home about. It’s a very attractive pinky coral shade that’s pretty much universally flattering, but its major detriment is that it has a slightly gritty texture thanks to all of the micro-glitter suspended in the gloss. Also, I’d say this has more of the consistency/finish of a shiny lipstick than a gloss.

Swatch of Bourjois’ Gloss Bijou

Overall I’d say that while this would make a nice holiday stocking stuffer (I can’t seem to find this online at the moment but I swear I saw it at Ulta for $16 or so), it’s not really something that I’d get for myself as it just isn’t all that practical. But that having been said I do love owning this for the pretty-factor and will be getting crafty with it. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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