Big Happie Hair Bumpits: A Review and Giveaway All In One!

November 24, 2008
Wearing Classic (Medium) Bumpits

Have no idea what a Bumpit is? Click here to check out my post and here to see Kayvid’s guest review. I picked up my own set of Bumpits a few weeks ago and I’ve been happily using them ever since! They come in three sizes ranging from Princess (a mini to pop under your bangs for that pouf–my favorite), Classic (medium sized), and Rockstar (for huge volume special occasion looks).

Princess/Mini Bumpit in Brunette

I have the flattest hair imaginable, probably because it’s so baby fine and prone to the oilies (the story of my life). It’s the kind of hair you spend hours curling with a curling iron, hairspray to death only to have it looking straight again a half hour or so later. So my Bumpits have definitely made my life much easier! I just pop the mini Bumpit in under my bangs, pin them back, and I have a gravity-defying pouf that lasts all day.

Medium/Classic Bumpit

The medium-sized Bumpit goes at the crown of your head and is really versatile; it basically works with all hairstyles ranging from a simple ponytail to a lavish updo. It’s not ideal for those with super super fine hair (you can get it to work but it’s a little tough to hide the teeth completely) but if you’ve got decently thick hair this is amazing! It does work best if you pin your hair back or tie it in some way so that it’s really anchored in place, but once it’s in it’s not going anywhere.

This is what it looks like when you do a bad job hiding the teeth! I fixed this before I left the house. Love the pouf though!

Now for the Giveaway! Kelly, the creator of this wonderful product, was kind enough to contact me and send me a set of 5 Bumpits (2 princess, 2 classic, and one rockstar) in Light Blonde to share with you all! I have a million other things to give away before Christmas so I’ll only be running this giveaway until midnight November 30th. Don’t forget to enter!

How to Enter: Tell me your tale of flat-haired woe. Have fine flat hair like me? Dog ate your teasing brush? Tell me about it! Winner to be chosen at random


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