Sephora’s Current 500 Point Redemption Product

November 22, 2008
Sephora 360° Palette ($30)

I’ve been a Sephora Beauty Insider for ages (basically since the program began) but I only recently learned that you can actually accumulate those Beauty Bank points when the 100 point deluxe sample isn’t quite to your liking. Basically when your Beauty Bank hits 500 points (I won’t even mention how many point I currently have, it’s embarrassing–I blame F&F) you’re eligible to redeem those points for an Insider-only exclusive product either online or in stores.

So I’ve been waiting and waiting to see what the 500 point product is; it isn’t always available so if you have 500 points you may need to wait until Sephora puts up a new product before you can take advantange of the 500 point redemption offer. Sephora finally put one up last night and it’s their 360 Degree Palette. I’m a little disappointed as I was expecting something a bit more interesting, so I’ll continue hoarding my points in the meantime and wait to see what the next product is!


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