Caron Paris Private Sale Event: Save 20%!

November 20, 2008

Between the two of us Nicole and I have amassed a rather extensive collection of Caron, all of it absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a fluffy swansdown puff or a gorgeous powder or two, now’s the perfect opportunity!

Diane was kind enough to contact me to extend a fabulous invitation to all my readers–a 20% off private sale running from December 1st through December 6th! That means 20% off all things Caron including puffs, powders, and compacts. You can place your pre-orders starting now so as to make sure she has the items in stock once the event begins, and they’ll be shipped out to you starting the 1st (or you can stop by in person of course).

To place your order call the Caron boutique at 212-308-0270 and ask for Diane!

What do I recommend purchasing?

~Caron’s medium-sized swansdown puff (unless you’re allergic of course!) which comes in a range of gorgeous shades and makes a wonderful gift

~Venitienne Loose Powder-this finely milled pink powder with tiny reflective gold bits and Caron’s classic Bulgarian rose scent is a best seller and absolutely gorgeous, especially for an evening out. Plus it’s sheer enough that it will flatter any and all skintones.

~If you’re like me and like a powder with a good amount of coverage, check out Caron’s classic full coverage powders.

~And last but certainly not least, a loose powder compact to travel with. These petite golden compacts come equipped with a dainty white swansdown puff, ready to be filled and toted around.

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