A Few Disney for Paul & Joe Photos (Courtesy of Nicole)

November 12, 2008
Disney for Paul & Joe Lady Protective Hand Cream and Flower Face Colour

How cute is this all? If you’ll recall I blogged (here) thanks to a tip from Nicole about the fact that Beauty Habit had this collection in, and at 25% off no less! We both places our orders like the good little beauty addicts that we are and they arrived on Monday! I just have to mention that literally an hour or two after placing my order I had the shipping confirmation in my inbox–impressive!

I only ended up with the hand cream (which I’ll be reviewing for you shortly) but Nicole got both the hand cream and the Flower face color beads so needless to say I begged for photos to share with you. Thanks so much Nicole!

Oh where oh where have my pearls gone?

I’d heard this before and so wasn’t surprised to hear it from Nicole as well, but it’s still a little disappointing: the face colour comes nearly half empty! The packaging is simply darling though!

Included Puff
Swatch of Disney for Paul & Joe Flower Face Colour

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