Xac Anthony Salon Experience with Hair Photos as Promised!

November 10, 2008

As I mentioned in this post a few days back, I had an appointment at the Xac Anthony Salon (140 West 19th Street, NYC) on Friday with co-owner Xac whose work has appeared in numerous publications such as Elle and Vogue and whose celebrity clientele includes Aubrey O’Day and Eminem. Needless to say I was all tingly with anticipation and a little nervous since cutting my hair is always rather hit or miss with me.


As many of you already know, I have an absolutely AMAZING experience! From the moment I stepped in the door the staff was courteous, friendly and just made me feel welcome, plus the decor was just gorgeous. Fridays are Tequila Sunsets (aka margarita nights) meaning yummy margaritas while you get your hair cut, but but not being much of a margarita drinker myself I had to decline–although for you thirsty gals FYI they did offer me water, tea, coffee, and wine as well!

Photobucket Photobucket

Xac sat me down for a consultation during which we discussed my hair issues (see that weird wave I have halfway down my hair? My hair never used to do that!) and the look that I was going for, I changed into my (pretty cute) brown robe and then laid back for the best shampoo and conditioning ever! Seriously my head never felt so pampered!

Many of the salon’s stylists had tattoos done by Friday Jones (whose work has graced the likes of Angelina Jolie, Janeane Garofalo and Robbie WIlliams), the salon’s resident couture tattoo artist.

I had to ask Xac about the product line used at the salon because everything smelled so delicious! Apparently it’s this line called Unite Eurotherapy which I had never heard of, but suffice it to say that my hair looked and smelled great after the cut (I was sniffing it all night) and so I’ll probably be adding a few products to my growing collection of miscellaneous haircare items. Honestly I felt like a princess all night! I received such dedicated attention and service that I didn’t even realize that there were all these people sitting next to me getting their hair done until I got home and started looking through my photos lol!

Well one person I did notice was the salon mascot–the cutest brown dachshund I’ve ever seen!! Sorry no photos she’d disappeared by the time my cut was over =X.

Check out my hair after the jump–needless to say I’m absolutely in love with it!


This is after Xac blow-dryed and flat-ironed it for me, and then a long night of yummy food and hanging out and when I finally got home. Still shiny and gorgeous! Nobody has ever been able to get my bangs quite how I want them, but Xac was immediately able to figure out what I wanted and I finally got it! Post-cut my hair looked thicker, shinier, all-around healthier and had more volume. Yay!


All of my bangs pushed over to one side. I love that I can split them so that they frame my face on either side, or that I can wear them all to one side for a more dramatic look.

Shiny shiny!


And what my hair looked like the next day after I washed it then let it air dry. I’m low-maintenance when it comes to my hair so it’s key that my hair still look good after no styling whatsoever, and I’d say that it does!

If you’re in the area I’d highly recommend stopping the salon for a cut: this is probably the best my hair’s looked in years, if not ever! Xac and Anthony both recommended an amazing-sounding Japanese Tsubo-conditioning treatment that cleanses your scalp, stimulates hair growth, and is just all-around wonderful for your hair that I’m mighty tempted to pop back in for. And of course my color is in desperate need of some help!


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