Dior Holiday 08 Swatches: Silver Smoke 5-Colour Eyeshadow and Dior Chic Palette

November 8, 2008
Dior Chic Palette: bronzey brown, ivony, brown with green sheen, silver, plum, gray
Silver Smoke 5-Colour Eyeshadow: deep gunmental gray, pale lavender, opalescent white/pink, white pearl, silvery taupe

Dior Chic Palette ($49.50)
What it is:
A couture-inspired palette featuring six eyeshadow shades.

What it does: Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette contains six oh-so-wearable shades in a palette inspired by Dior’s latest must-have handbag and accessory collections. The case features the iconic Dior insignia, golden grommets, and luxe leather-like details for a Sephora-exclusive product that is beautiful on the inside and out.

What else you need to know:
Shades include:
– Shimmering bronze
– Ivory sheen
– Brownish green sheen
– Light mauve gray sheen
– Plum sheen
– Shimmering grayish black

All in all a very versatile and wearable palette, but nothing too exciting for me. I actually loved all of the shades in this palette except for the brown/green–I know this look shade is flattering on many but it’s just not something I can pull off. I do think this Sephora-exclusive limited edition palette would make somebody a great holiday gift though!

5-Colour Eyeshadow Set – Silver Smoke ($54)
What it is:
A seductive palette of five rich, versatile eyeshadow colors paired with a mini mascara.

What it does: Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow assortment allows you to create a multitude of makeup looks from the simplest, to the most sophisticated, depending on your mood. Diorshow Mascara is the original cult classic, inspired and used by professional makeup artists. Wiggle the extra-large brush at the base of lashes and sweep upward for a perfectly plush, sophisticated look.

Set includes:
– 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Silver Smoke (light lavender/ opalescent pink/ shimmering gunmetal grey/ white pearl/ silvery taupe)
– 0.17 oz mini Diorshow Mascara in Black

As you’ll see in my swatches, while this quint does contain lavender and pink shades, they all end up looking like variations on silver because they’re light and opalescent. This is a gorgeous palette though–I tested it out on myself, using the lavender as my primary lid shade, the pink as highlighter, the gunmetal as my crease shade, and the silver to smoke out the gunmetal and it created a rather fabulous smoky eye. The individual shades aren’t all that special and easily dupeable, but as a palette with the mini mascara this gets a thumbs up!

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