Mascara Series Part 13: L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology Review and Photos

November 6, 2008
L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology Mascara

The Claim:
L’Oreal introduces New Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology, a revolutionary lash extention effect mascara that provides up to 80% longer-looking, nourished lashes. The nourishing base coat infused with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol protects, nourishes, and strengthens the lashes creating the perfect base for tube application. The lengthening tube top coat envelopes your lashes in small tubes that act like lash-lengthening extentions. The mascara tubes remove easily with plenty of warm water, without the need for makeup remover.

Ultra Lengthening Tube Top Coat

The Brush: L’Oreal’s Double Extend mascara is a dual-ended product (one end contains the nourishing base coat/primer, the other end the actual mascara) that contains to rather traditional mascara brushes. The conventional bristles and the traditional design do work well here though. They brush through the lashes nicely, building clump-free length every time.

Nourishing Base Coat

The Formula: The nourishing base coat is key for this mascara. Prior to this I’d tested Blinc’s Kiss Me mascara and while I’d absolutely adored the tubing technology and the ease of removal, I hadn’t been so wowed by the “natural” look it gave me: a little length, no volume or curl-pretty much my lashes but darker. Double Extend’s nourshing base coat not only conditions the lashes, it also serves as a lash primer (a la Shiseido’s Mascara Base only not as good) with which you can build pretty impressive length, albeit little to no volume. The lenghtening tube top coat glides right over the white base, encasing your lashes in small tubes and providing a glossy black finish. Once on this mascara doesn’t smudge or flake and is non-irritating. And best of all it comes off with a little warm water. I don’t even find the need to rub–the tubes wash off as I’m washing my face with warm water.

Some “beauty tubes” in my hand. Cool, no?
Those little suckers were hard to catch before they were whisked down the drain!

The Verdict: I don’t understand why this mascara gets such terrible reviews–I actually liked it quite a bit! Admittedly it gives you little to no volume and curl, but it makes up for it in the length department and with the facts that it’s so easy to remove and smudge and flake free. If you check out the photos down below you’ll see that this doesn’t give you the smooth “perfect” finish that many other mascaras do, but I’ve never been one to mind the wispy look so it definitely works for me. If you’ve been looking to try out a tubing mascara I’d highly recommend this one!

Wearing only the base coat.

RATING: 3.75/5 (I don’t have an icon for that one!)

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