ABS Wants: Big Happie Hair Bumpits

November 3, 2008
Big Happie Hair Bumpits ($24.95 for set of 5 from HSN)

I’m on a perpetual quest to find an easy way to achieve that little frontal pouf using my bangs, and it never quite works out for me. I’ve tried every method known to man but the fact that my hair is baby fine means that it doesn’t often cooperate with me. I’ve even resorted to popping a small curler underneath the poof to hold in place during the day but of course the fact that it’s bright blue makes it a bit hard to hide.

Looks like what I’ve been needing is Big Happie Hair’s Bumpits–well the mini one in particular. Don’t let the somewhat outdated hairstyles featured on their site scare you away–this actually sounds like a pretty great product. It comes in a range of four shades for different hair colors:

…and may be just what I’ve been looking for. The Bumpits are also available via HSN but they come in a larger kit = costs more. I just may need to treat myself to this once all my holiday shopping is done! Although I do wish they sold them individually…

If you’ve tried this I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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