Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween everybody! No real costume for me this Halloween, but I thought I’d put together a fun Elphaba (from Wicked)-inspired look for you all to enjoy–hence the green theme! I hope you like it!

If you haven’t already, you need to go see Wicked. It’s by far the best musical I’ve ever seen and I’d love to just watch it over and over again!

To get this look:
1) Prime your eyelids–I used my MAC Paint Pot in Perky.
2) Apply MAC pigment in Golden Olive across your entire eyelid.
3) Apply a blue pigment (I used a Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust that Taryn sent me) on top of Golden Olive, just on the center of your eyelid.
4) Apply MAC Pigment in Antique Green on your outer V and carry it into your crease.
5) Line your upper lash line with Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in black.
6) Apply dramatic falsies! My pair were from Victoria’s Secret and had silver strands in them.

Before Crystals…

8) Use small dots of eyelash adhesive to affix Swarovski flatback rhinestones to your lower lash line–careful not to get any glue in your eye!
And After!!!

As for the lips: I mixed up some gloss (I couldn’t find a clear gloss so I used my MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed) with MAC pigment in Gilded Green and instant green lips!

And no Wicked-inspired look would be complete without Emerald City-green nails! I wasn’t quite ready to remove my Dior Black Sequins nailpolish, so I just topped it with a coat of my new glittery blue Beauty Credit polish.

Tell me about your Halloween look!

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