Etude House Speedy Total Mineral Base Review

October 29, 2008

Unfortunately there are no swatches or product shots of this one, since I had a few samples of Etude House’s Speedy Total Mineral Base from back when my cousin was kind of enough to buy me their Pore Erasing Peach Base which are now long gone. But I still felt the need to review it as I’ve been thinking about it often lately and it really was great stuff!

What it does: Etude House’s Speedy Total Mineral Base is basically supposed to be your sun protection, primer, concealer, and foundation all in one handy little product. It’s made with deep sea water complexes and mineral powder and contains SPF 41, making it an all-around great product. The texture was light and easily blendable and didn’t have that greasy sunblock feel that I dislike so much, and provided enough coverage (similar to a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer) that I didn’t feel the need to wear foundation.

The bad: It doesn’t really do much in the way of oil-absorbing, and so I needed to set this with a loose powder, but other than that the Speedy Total Mineral Base was pretty great. It’s cheap (in Korea), effective, and easily portable. But for those of you who aren’t the wide-ranging shades of super pale or pale (LOL), this probably won’t work for you since it only comes in two shades.

But of course the tragedy is that this isn’t available in the US and my only route is to purchase through ebay, where it’s ridiculously marked up *sigh*. I guess I can live without it, but I want it! I may just need to wait until my next Korea trip though since I can’t even remember what shade I was in this, not that there’s all that much guessing involved with the two shades it comes in.

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