ABS’s Five: My Fragrance Wishlist

October 29, 2008

So my usual five has turned into seven, but here are the fragrances currently on my wishlist! Don’t get me wrong I still love my Marc Jacobs Daisy (it’s my go-to fragrance and always brings a smile to my face) and Burberry Summer–I just want these too!

Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace
($470 for Swarovski version, $40-$195 for regular)

Do you ever grab one of those fragrance strips from the fragrance people at department stores because you just don’t have the energy to say no yet again? Well that’s what happened with A Scent of Peace and I literally had to backtrack to ask her what this wonderful fragrance was, I loved it so much! A melange of grapefruit, black currant, and lily of the valley, The Scent of Peace was a winner in the top 5 finalists for the 2007 Fragrance of the Year FiFi Award for Women’s Nouveau Niche Category.

Better yet, Seeds of Peace, an organization dedicated to empowering young leaders from regios of conflict with teh leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence, receives a portion of the sales from every bottle sold.

Hanae Mori Paris ‘Butterly’ Eau de Parum

The notes in this fragrance are Strawberries, Bilberries, Black Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Almond, Praline. This has been a long-time favorites of mine but for some reason I’ve just never been able to bring myself to purchase it. And it even comes in deoderant form!

Annick Goutal ‘Petite Cherie’ Eau de Parum
($230 for Limited Edition bottle, regular for $95-$160)

Petite Cherie is a fresh combination of fruity and floral ingredients including peach, musk rose, pear, fresh cut grass and vanilla. To me the peach and pear notes predominate the opening spray, making for a deliciously fresh and fruity fragrance, with the musk appearing only in the drydown. To be honest I didn’t like Petite Cherie much at first, but it slowly grew on me and now I absolutely love it!

Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit

Lavanila fragrances have intrigued me thanks to their “good for you ingredients” of 30 essential vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids, and the fact that Vanilla Grapefruit smells delicious doesn’t hurt either. The warm vanilla scent is just slightly tinged with the fruitiness of grapefruit, meaning you get all of the sweetness without any unpleasant tartness.

Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Incanto Shine’ Eau de Parum

I know that a lot of people aren’t terribly fond of this fragrance, but I absolutely love it and it’s actually one of my favorites. It contains notes of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Freesia, Peach, Cedarwood, and Amber–and while all that fruitiness is probably just too much for some, I say bring it on! To me this smells like a gorgeous spring day.

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Eau de Parum
($135 for LE bottle)

Top notes: Tea and bergamot. Middle notes: Sambac jasmine, orchid, freesia, rose. Base note: Patchouli. Flowerbomb is a deliciously heady sweet smelling fragrance that’s perfect for winter. This has been on my wishlist for YEARS but again I can never quite bring myself to get it–although I do now have a mini and the hair mist to tide me over thanks to a sweet somebody!
Versace Signature Eau de Parum

This was another one of those “wow what is that?” department store moments for me. Versace signature is a floral bouquet emphasized by jasmine and azalea and musk, wrapped by kashmir wood and Moroccan cedar wood.

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