A Sneak Peek at Holiday ’08 at Bond No. 9: Pure Shiny Indulgence

October 28, 2008

Holiday 2008 at Bond No. 9 goes from understated to shamelessly luxurious. Check out your own little sneak peek at these stunning crystallized flacons! And click HERE for even more crystallized Bond No. 9 fragrances.

Bleecker Street Bejeweled ($395)

Bond No. 9 chose Bleecker Street (a gourmand oriental mingling of patchouli, cassis, caramel, woods, and musk) to receive its annual “Swarovski treatment,” and what a treatment it is! Okay so admittedly the bottle reminds me a bit of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but only in the best possible way of course!
The limited-edition 100ml lime green-chartreuse-amethyst-gold starburst watercolor flacon is studded back and front with a checkerboard pattern of matching crystals, with an extra large crystal front and center for good measure. The price for all this beauty? $395.

The Swarovski All-Stars ($650)

Bond No. 9 has embellished three of their most coveted scents with Swarovski crystals–5,000 of them per 50ml bottle to be precise! Chelsea Flower (peonies-magnolia-rose) is decked with emerald-colored stons, Eau de New York (citruses-cyclamen-jasmine-vetiver) is studded with diamond-colored aurora borealis stones, and Chinatown (peach-gardenia-tuberose-sandalwood) features ruby-colored stones. I’m thinking somebody needs to these for me as a holiday gift–after all they go so well with my clutch!

Bond No. 9 Crystallized Amphora ($3,500)

And finally we get to the show-stopper of the holiday collection-the item that’s at the top of my “I must have it!!” list! It’s none other than Bond No. 9’s super-sized 42 oz amphora vitrine, breathtakingly covered with 16,500 hand-applied platinum Swarovski stones. And the bottle top? An elliptical mirror with honeycomb base. Your $3,500 gets you this heart-wrenchingly gorgeous amphora filled with your choice of the 32 Bond No. 9 scents. My choice? The Scent of Peace. And all this beauty comes in a white patent leather gift case, also adorned with crystals. If it’s wrong to want to get this then I don’t want to be right!

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