A Brief Review of Some of My Caron Extras: Powder Base, Foundation, and Venitienne Loose Powder

October 23, 2008
Caron Sous Poudre (Powder Base) and Le Teint (foundation) in Shade 05

Souse Poudre: Caron‘s Sous Poudre/Powder Base is a light white-hued cream-textured primer of sorts. It mattifies and smooths out the complexion while helping Caron’s powders to adhere better to the skin for a more flawless finish. I really enjoyed the smooth and silky feel of this-it glided beautifully over my skin and left a slightly dewy finish without the feel of silicone. Click over to this post and you can see the beautiful jar that it comes in the fifth photo down: it’s the jar with the white top way in the back on the right. At $45 I’d say it’s rather decently priced and may have to be a holiday indulgence for me.

Le Teint: When Diane gave me a sample of Caron’s foundation to test out, I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it at all as I’d never really heard much about them and I tend to be rather particular about my foundations. But color me impressed! Caron‘s Le Teint foundation has an ultra-light, whipped consistency that glides beautifully over the skin (especially with the Souse Poudre underneath), creating a light to medium veil of color that’s perfect for those days when you’re not looking for heavy coverage. I’d say it has the coverage of a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation, although I definitely found that I was able to build more coverage where necessary. It dries to an almost powder finish and is absolutely lovely. This may be another Christmas wish-list item for me!

A dab of Le Teint.

Spread out a little-see how light the texture is?

All blended in!

Caron Poudre Peau Fine in Venitienne: As this is one of Caron’s best-sellers, I couldn’t leave without asking for a small sample to test out! Venitienne is a finely milled pink powder with tiny reflective gold bits and Caron’s classic Bulgarian rose scent that makes a rather amazing finishing powder for evening. The pink essentially disappears into your skin, leaving you with a brightened, glowing complexion akin to the effect of La Mer’s Tranlucent powder. I was a little intimidated by just how pink this looked in the sifter, but it’s really something special on and I feel like I may need a full-sized version.

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