Sony CP Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone: Review and Swatches

October 21, 2008

Sony’s Curvy Lip Silicone gloss is apparently a best-seller in Asian and purports to create plump and pouty lips, so of course I had to check it out to see if it lived up to the hype. I spotted this at my local Japanese supermarket for $16 or so, but I’m sure it’s cheaper in Japan.

So what did I love? The spatula-applicator for one! American cosmetics companies really need to embrace the spatula as it’s just so much better for slicking gloss onto the lips, particularly over lipstick. The flexible plastic spatula makes for a smooth even application without disturbing the underlying lipstick, and is of course easy to clean which is a must for people like me. Have I ever mentioned that it drives me nuts when my lipstick gets onto and stains my gloss applicators?

Now for the not so good. This gloss tastes and smells heavily of Twizzlers (at least to me), which I’m not too fond of. The strong flavor of this gloss ruined several delicious lunches for me! The formula settled into those small little vertical lines on my lips which wasn’t all too flattering and made me think I should’ve picked up the clear version, since that would’ve probably created a “filled” effect rather than an “I have a million white-ish lines on my lips” look.

As for the plumping–what plumping? This was pretty much just a mediocre almost clear gloss to me.

Before and after shots of the gloss on my lips plus an ingredients list after the jump!

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