Give Telinho a Home!

October 21, 2008
Origins ‘Telinho’ the White-Whiskered Spider Monkey ($15)

Meet Telinho, the white-whiskered spider monkey. He lives high in the treetops of Cristalino State Park, which is nestled within the species-rich forests of the Brazilian Amazon. He’s an amazing acrobat (rarely coming down to the ground) and likes to swing from tree to tree with his powerful tail, feeding, playing and socializing with other monkeys in his troop.

Unfortunately, the forests where he and his family live are under constant threat from cattle ranching and illegal logging, making Telinho one of only a few thousand white-whiskered spider monkeys remaining on Earth. Without these precious forests, he and other spider monkeys will continue to struggle to survive. And while local people are working hard to guard these important natural areas, they need our support to continue their efforts.

If you would like to help save white-whiskered spider monkeys and other forest wildlife in Brazil, please take Telinho home with you. Origins will donate $3 from the retail price of every Telinho sold to UK Charity Fauna & Flora International and its local partner the Cristalino Ecological Foundation.

Please help to give Telinho a home! How can you resist that sweet face? I plan to purchase several of these as holiday stocking stuffers.


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