Le 2 de Guerlain Butterly Sparkle Mascara: A Cursory Review

October 20, 2008
Le 2 de Guerlain Butterfly Sparkle Limited Edition Mascara ($35)

Wondering why Guerlain’s Le 2 de Guerlain mascara isn’t officially part of the Mascara Series? Well first and foremost I’ve only tried it once so I don’t feel justified reviewing it as part of the series, and secondly this was applied to me by a MA and so of course the results may have been different/better had I applied it myself. But below are some of my thoughts after my brief encounter with the holiday 2008 version of this mascara.

The Large Brush (for upper lashes)

The Mini Brush (for lower lashes)

Guerlain ‘Le 2 de Guerlain’ Midnight Butterly Sparkle mascara is a double-ended mascara that contains a larger, rubber bristled applicator that contains black mascara, and then a mini version of a conventional mascara wand (angled at 7 degrees for easier application) intended for the lower lashes. The lower brush applies a violet shade with silver shimmer for added impact.

While I was really excited to purchase the Midnight Butterly mascara in this post, I couldn’t buy without trying so I had the MA try this mascara out on my lashes during Saks’ F&F event. And to be honest, there was very little I liked about this mascara. He first applied two coats of the the black end of the mascara to my upper lashes, then gave me a mirror to check it out and both SO and I agreed that there was no noticeable difference in the length or volume of my lashes, and that the mascara just made them look spiky. Then MA then proceeded to apply another coat or two of the black end, and then the violet to my lower lashes, and a bit of the violet to the outer corners of my upper lashes as well.

And here are the results:
If you check out the outer corner of the first photo you can see a tiny bit of the purported violet shimmer, but it’s barely noticeable which was disappointing. In addition, my lashes looked rather sparse in real life, felt ridiculously crunchy, and throughout the course of the night proceeded to flake into my eyes, irritating my contacts horribly. Couple that with the fact that this mascara gave me mediocre length and zero volume, and let just say I’m glad I saved my $35 and decided to try this first!

But I must admit that this photographed rather well lol! I’m tempted to buy this just so I can see how it looks when I apply it myself =X. Yes I know, I’m diseased!

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