MAC "Red" She Said Dazzleglass Review and Swatches and a Lip Shot of Sugarrimmed

October 19, 2008
Swatches (L to R): Love Alert, Sugarrimmed, Baby Sparks, Miss Dynamite, Date Night
(click on the photos above and below to get a better look at the dazzling sparkles)

~Love Alert: Raspberry red with red pearl. A beautiful pop of color but this lacked the wow-factor that many of the other dazzleglasses had. The shimmer just wasn’t as apparent as I would’ve liked.
~Sugarrimmed: Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl. I purchased this because I felt that it’d be the most versatile. On its own it’s pretty much an almost clear gloss with a dazzling array of sparkles suspended throughout, and it’s also gorgeous for toning down those too-bright lipsticks. Red, teal, and white pearl in one gloss may sound like overkill but it all comes together to create an amazing opal-like effect on the lips.
~Baby Sparks: Pale pink with violet pearl. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been sorely tempted by this, but I already have too many glosses and couldn’t justify adding another “just kinda pretty” pink gloss to my every-burgeoning collection. It’s a nice shimmery barely there pink, but not nearly as pretty as my fave Dazzleglas, Like Venus.
~Miss Dynamite: Sheer orange-y copper with pearl. When I see this shade I can’t help but think Halloween. I just wasn’t a fan–it was much too coppery for my liking.
~Date Night: Deep plum with blue and gold pearl. I’m not into plums, but if I were I defnitely would’ve purchased this. The blue pearl gives it that extra oomph and while this a re-release you can be sure a lot of people will be re-stocking their depleted Date Night stashes!

A closer look at Sugarrimmed:

In the tube
(click to enlarge and check out the shimmer)

The shimmer on my lips
Lip Shot

(the photo above is a better representation of the color, but click to enlarge and you can actually see the teal, red, and white shimmery flecks here!)As a whole I happen to love Dazzleglasses for their iridescent shimmer and beautiful packaging. However I should warn that while these tubes do look bigger, they contain less gloss than MAC’s traditional lipglasses, plus they’re even stickier! But if you can live with that, definitely check these out as they’re limited and will be gone before you know it. I missed out on most of the Dazzleglasses the first time around and believe me I regretted it!


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