CastleDew Pearl-Up Eyes Eyeshadows in 9120 and 9146: Review, Swatches, and an EOTD

October 13, 2008
CastleDew Pearl-up Eyes in 9146 and 9120

Aren’t they beautiful? Like two little gemstones–or creepy robot eyes!

If you’ll reference back to this post you’ll recall that the sweet Digital Angel, both a wonderful blogger and reader, sent me a surprise package of some Korean goodies which included some yummy candy and these two stunning pink shadows. Castle Dew is a Korean cosmetics company that I’ve honestly heard very little about, but after having seen some of their shadows popping up on various blogs of course I wanted a few for myself–and Digital Angel magically read my mind since I know I never once mentioned wanting these!

A Close-Up of 9146 (I love the surface texture on these)

Shade 9146, while it has the word pink in its name, is more of a peachy salmon shade which reflects gold, and kind of reminds me of MAC’s Expensive Pink only a hundred times prettier! Shade 9120 is a true hot pink and of course was love at first sight for me.

As for the shadows as a whole, well they’re pretty darn amazing! The packaging is darling, and as I’ve already mentioned I love the pattern embossed onto the surface of these shadows. The shadows have a nice fine shimmer to them and a wonderful silky smooth texture. They’re just as pigmented (if not more so) as any high-end eyeshadows that I’ve ever tried, and wear extraordinarily well-I wore the look below for 12 hours or so, and at the end of the day the colors were just as vibrant as they had been that morning!

Swatches: 9146, 9120

And my EOTD from a few days back. I used the peachy/salmon shade on the inner half of my eyes, and the bright pink on the outer half.


After checking out the rest of their products (click here to visit their website) I am beyond in love! Now if only they were more easily accessible, I could easily see myself indulging in a product or two…or ten! Like these gorgeous 4 shadow palettes and this 9 shadow palette–ooooh I want!!!

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