My Caron Reveal!

October 9, 2008

After leaving you in suspense for so many hours, it’s finally time to reveal the gorgeous delights that I picked up during my recent Caron visit! I tried not to go too crazy since there’s a lot going on cosmetics-wise this month (MAC’s Manish Arora release, Guerlain’s Midnight Butterfly, Saks’ Friends & Family, and the list goes on and on) but I couldn’t resist a little splurge.

So what followed me home?

~Caron’s La Poudre classic face powder in Gitane. The “Classic” formula is what gave Caron powders their legendary reputation, and La Poudre provides full coverage with a matte finish, much like a mineral foundation. I’ll be reviewing this soon so stay tuned for more details!

~Caron genuine swansdown powder puff in magenta. Was there ever any doubt as to what shade I’d get this in? I think not! I’ll be reviewing this soon as well, but let me just say it’s heavenly!

Powder + Puff = Perfection

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