Manish Arora for MAC Swatches and Mini-Review

October 9, 2008

Manish Arora Eyeshadow x 6 Palette ($38)

~Nylon: Pale gold with icy metallic shimmer (frost, permanent). I can see using this as an inner eye or brow highlighter. A little frosty for my taste but very pretty and wearable.
~Going Bananas: Soft lemon yellow (frost, repromote from C-Shock). I’ve been wanting a soft bright yellow for some time now and this one’s perfect. This will be beautiful during the summer months.
~Bitter: Vivid bright golden green flecked with shimmer (velvet, permanent). Just the shade of slime green I was hoping for!
~Playful: Bright clean pink (satin, repromote from Barbie Loves MAC). This was the primary reason that I purchased this palette. I’d missed out on Barbie Loves MAC (I wasn’t into MAC at the time) and regretted it ever since, so this was my opportunity to own at least a small piece of Barbie! My DressCamp Pink is prettier, but this is still a pretty pink.
~Electric Eel: Vivid bright blue flecked with shimmer (satin, permanent). I’m not entirely in love with the consistency of this one but it’s a very wearable shade of blue tinged with green.
~Deep Truth: Very dark blue (frost, permanent). I thought I’d hate this shade but the shimmer makes is so pretty. I’ll be using this for smoky evening looks.

Swatches of Palette

Pink Manish Lipglass ($14)

Pink Manish: A frosted fuchsia that’s oh-so-pretty, albeit nothing terribly unique. And of course the tube is simply gorgeous.

Comparison of Fashion lipglass from Dresscamp (left) and Pink Manish from Manish Arora (right)

Pink Manish on my lips (this isn’t the best photo but I wanted to get it up quickly since I know many of you have been curious!)

Overall while nothing was a must-have, the packaging really makes this collection and I’m loving what little I purchased! And as for that second gloss you see, you’ll just have to wait and see what it’s for ;).


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