Guerlain Midnight Butterfly Holiday 2008 Collection Swatches and Review

October 8, 2008
Top Row: ‘Kiss Kiss’ Gloss in Shimmering Pink 802, ‘Meteorites Voyage’ Pressed Powder
Bottom Row:
‘Mysterious Butterfly’ Eyeshadow Palette, Meteorites-Butterfly Pearls
Background/Base: Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder


Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder ($160): Fortunately for my wallet I wasn’t particularly impressed with this illuminating pressed powder. It lacks that gorgeous glow and luminescence that the rest of the collection has and feels and looks a bit chalky to me–where’s that “lit-from-within-glow” that the Nordstrom site promises? And for $160 that packaging looked/felt rather cheap. Overall I wasn’t a fan.

Meteorites Butterfly Pearls Powder Pearls ($65): I’d convinced myself that I didn’t need these Meteorites pearls which come in warm beige, pearly pink, iridescent white and shimmery gold, but after swatching them and having a chance to play around with them a little I’m sorely tempted to go back for these! These pearls are much larger than the regular Guerlain Meteorites Pearls, making for better and easier color pay-off, and they gave my skin a beautiful soft golden glow (it didn’t photograph too well above) that I loved.


Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder ($82): Even with its rather exorbitant price and utter uselessness factored in, this is still my favorite item from Guerlain’s holiday Midnight Butterfly release. I sprayed this shimmer powder onto my hand before taking swatches, and while it didn’t show up too well in the photograph, my hand was enveloped in a fine mist of shimmer that settled evenly onto my skin, making for some stunning iridescence. And have I mentioned that it has the same heavenly scent that the Guerlain Meteorites do? But if I’m honest with myself I know that I’ll never really have an occasion on which I’ll feel the urge to spray glitter all over myself. =X


Mysterious Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette ($57): Mysterious Butterfly is a soft palette of purples encompassed in a sleek butterfly embossed compact that can easily go from day to night. While the shades are very pretty and definitely very me, they’re rather sheer and easily dupeable using the more pigmented shadows that I have, so I’ll be abstaining from this one. I do love the constrast of the butterfly printed on the surface of the shadows though!

Le 2 de Guerlain ($35): I’ve never been all that tempted to try this double-ended mascara due to the bad reviews that it gets and the price, but this holiday review has me thinking that now may be the time to finally review it for you guys! Yes I’m a sucker for packaging, and the metallic purple exterior would contrast so nicely with all of my black mascara tubes. But the real reason that I want this is that the small end (for your lower lashes) contains a sparkling violet shade of mascara for contrast–how pretty does that sound?

Since this collection is limited edition, now would be the time to purchase should anything tempt you! What will you be getting, or what have you gotten already?


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