Skincolor de La Mer The Powder in Translucent Review and Swatches

October 6, 2008
Skincolor de La Mer’s The Powder ($65)
This luxurious finishing powder is so incredibly light it appears to float. Developed with symmetrically shaped, uniquely coated particles, it magnetically attracts to the skin for a perfect fit. Airspun seaborne particles – some of the lightest materials on earth – create an imperceptible finish that leaves skin looking flawless. Translucent coverage.

I get quite a few reader e-mails asking me what my one must-have beauty item is, and whereas a year or so ago that would have been a difficult question for me to answer, my current answer is hands down La Mer’s loose powder in Translucent.

Now before you go rolling your eyes and telling me that I’m crazy for spending $65 on a powder, just hear me out!

La Mer’s The Powder comes in a range of 6 shades, but my color of choice is Translucent, which is nearly colorless and has a slight shimmer to it (this is the only shimmer shade, the rest are all matte). Not glittery chunks of shimmer–just enough of an ultra fine shimmer to give your face a lit from within, “I have the most beautiful skin the world” glow.

The powder is seriously light as air and the most finely milled product I have ever seen or felt. If you were to pop the top off this and stick your finger inside, you would feel nothing and encounter zero resistance, this stuff is so light. In addition, it offers a small amount of coverage and glides over pores, lines, and any other imperfections you may have, creating a gorgeous veil of flawlessness.

I poured some in the lid to photograph for you, although it pained me a little to do so!

And for those of you who’re thinking, “I can’t wear powder it makes my face feel dry”–you just haven’t found the right one yet! La Mer’s loose powder does an AMAZING job of keeping me matte (better than any other product I’ve used) but never looks cakey or dry and is completely weightless. You can apply a ton of this stuff (although you don’t need to since a little goes a long way) and it won’t settle into your lines or pores like other products, nor will you feel it just sitting there on your face.

Yes $65 for a powder is crazy expensive but I’ve been using mine on a daily basis for almost a year (and I’ve given away a few small samples of it) and I’ve barely made a dent in it. So while I wouldn’t say it’s a bargain, it’s definitely worth it in my book!

So I piled a good amount of the powder onto my hand here (although it doesn’t look like much). See the subtle shimmer?

Spread out a little.

And all spread out. It literally disappears and you don’t feel a thing!

The only negatives that I can think of are that the powder comes in a giant glass tub which while attractive is rather heavy and cumbersome, and that it comes with a puff which is unsanitary. But just use a brush and you’ll have no problems!
Rating: 5/5

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3 Responses to “Skincolor de La Mer The Powder in Translucent Review and Swatches”

  1. lumkeikei Says:

    Hey!I haven't tried Le Mer's products before, but you know how much I love finishing powders!! I might go give this one a try (that is when I find a Le Mer in HK). So you suggest not using the puff but using a big brush instead? So I am guessing you prefer the Le Mer over the Meteorites? Why may I ask? Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. *Jen* Says:

    Lumkeikei definitely go for a brush and not the puff – you get a much nicer finish and it's much easier to pick up just the amount of powder you need.I like the La Mer as a setting powder as opposed to the Meteorites because the La Mer has a finer finish to it (it's really ridiculously light and finely milled) and just smooths over everything so beautifully while magically bending light to conceal my flaws.

  3. Anya Says:

    Jen, what makes La Mer The Powder superior to Jill Stuart/Cle de Peau/Paul & Joe Loose Powders? Can you give a short detailed comparisons?

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