Who Has Fabulous Readers?

October 5, 2008

I do!! Imagine my surprise when I go to check my mail Friday afternoon and see two packages crammed in there! One was from the wonderful A Digital Angel (currently on blog hiatus), and the other was from the gorgeous Nicole.

Goodies from Nicole:

Such beautiful colors! It was almost too pretty to rip into…almost.
Nicole sent me a million different Lush goodies to try (I haven’t gotten to them all yet but let me just say I’m obsessed with the Dream Cream and Lemony Flutter now), some great products to help tame my misbehaving hair, and of course a ton of fabulous stuff for my face as well. She even sent me some Guerlain Meteorites Primer to temporarily sate my desperate need for this stuff! I can’t wait to work my way through every single item!

And Goodies from Digital Angel:

I totally wasn’t expecting this package at all–I can’t believe you kept it a secret! Nobody ever manages to surprise me!

The lovely Digital Angel sent me some yummy yummy Korean sweets, an adorable Hello Kitty backpack clip and two Castle Dew eyeshadows (pink of course) that I will be reviewing for you all shortly! I was ridiculously excited to see the shadows since I’d been wanting them since reading about them on Alyssa’s blog.

And some Skin Food and Etude House samples–two Korean brands that I’m currently loving!

Thanks so much to both of you beautiful ladies for being such fabulous readers and wonderful friends–you totally made my week!


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