EOTD: Two Marimekko for Avon Eyes

October 3, 2008
Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadow Palette in Poppy Bouquet ($8)

Look #1: While flipping through my Avon catalog (it came with my purchases) I noticed that pages 64-65 featured a gorgeous model wearing the Eyeshadow Palette in Poppy Bouquet and All Over Face Palette in Poppy Bouquet, and since they even included a “get the look” section I figured I’d attempt to recreate the look.


To get the look (taken from the catalog):
1) Start with a light blue (this is actually silver–not light blue at all!) halo all around eye–over entire lid to brow, under lower lash line and around corners.

2) Add lilac contour along crease, and blend slightly above crease toward brow.

3) Finish with dark teal along upper lash line, and under outer half of lower lash line, for dramatic definition.

Of course my version isn’t nearly as pretty as the one in the catalog, but I tried!

Look #2: A look that’s more my usual speed that I’d probably wear out to dinner. I do think I like Look #1 better though!


To get the look:
1) Begin by applying the light blue/silver shade on the bottom half of your lid and along your lower lash line.

2) Then pick up some of the lilac shade and apply where the light blue shade ends, blending the two.

3) Apply dark teal along outer V and inwards into your crease, and under outer half of lower lash line.

I paired both looks with my Poppy Bouquet All Over Face Palette (love this!) for some subtle lightly pigmented shimmer to highlight my cheek bones. I loved the softness of it all!

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