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Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Base

September 24, 2008
Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Base ($93)

What it does: This 12 Flash Color Case is found in the kits of many well-known makeup artists. You can create an array of looks with this palette and it’s great for traveling. It can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

What else you need to know: This palette is a Sephora-exclusive and contains Gold 004 (metallic gold), Coral 002 (vibrant coral), Turquoise 000 (light turquoise), Fuchsia 005 (bright fuchsia pink), Yellow 013 (vibrant yellow), Brown 023 (dark brown), Silver 003 (metallic silver), White 010 (pure white), Red 017 (bright red), Bright Blue 014 (bright royal blue), Leaf Green 008 (bright green), and Black 011 (pure black).

While browsing through the Sephora exclusives this morning I stumbled upon this vibrant palette of shades. Both the price and the colors are a little too crazy for me (I’m reminded of Halloween/clown makeup) but the product is interesting nonetheless.

Jill Stuart Cosmetics to Launch in US

September 24, 2008

After years of marketing exclusively in Asia, Jill Stuart has finally decided to grace our lovely shores with her cosmetics line, which I’ve been desperate to get my hands on. These are seriously amongst the most beautiful cosmetics I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait until they’re available at Jill Stuart shops this coming March. Source

Check out some of my favorite Jill Stuart products below.

Marc Jacobs Black Cab Daisy Chain

September 24, 2008

Photo Source

London gets all the good stuff, dammit! For a new promotion of Marc Jacobs‘s Daisy fragrance, the city’s black cabs will be “adorned in daisies to create a Marc Jacobs Daisy chain.” Tip seats inside the cab will also be decorated in daisies, and passengers of participating cabs will receive Marc Jacobs Daisy lollipops. You have until October 19 to get yours.Source NYMag

Marc Jacobs’s Daisy fragrance just happens to be my favorite everyday perfume, and so of course I’m ridiculously jealous of all your Londoners who have access to these tricked out Daisy cabs! I want one of those lollipops! =X

MAC Goodbyes: Get Them Before They’re Gone!

September 23, 2008

Is there a favorite of yours that’s being discontinued? A must-have that you need to stock up on? Now may be your final opportunity–go check out the list of soon-to-be discontinued items!

What’s on my list of things to try before they’re gone? Here’s mine (although I know that I should probably wait since most of this stuff will most likely end up at the CCO’s):

  • Brow Finisher
  • Select Tint in SPF 15
  • Full Coverage foundation
  • Beauty Powder Blush
  • 136 Large Powder Brush (but OMG that price!!)

Share your list with me!

MAC Cremesheen and Suite Array Now Online!

September 23, 2008

What will you be purchasing? Anything? Nothing at all?

To be honest neither of these collections are wowing me so I probably won’t be purchasing much of anything this time around. Which works out great for my wallet which is waiting for Ungaro to launch!

We’re Feeling Lazy Today…

September 23, 2008

…so take this opportunity to tell Chloe how absolutely adorable she is and to enter my September Giveaway if you haven’t done so already! It’s perfect for a lazy day since very little thinking is required! Seriously, go do it now–Chloe wants you to!

ABS’ Five

September 23, 2008

I know I haven’t done this in months but today’s as good a day as any to pick it up again! Keep in mind that these aren’t products I actually intend to purchase, but rather just items that I’m interested in testing/learning more about.

1. Revenir Skincare System ($399): “Attention: this age-fighting system is not to be ‘mist’. Simply pour the antioxidant-rich C-Solution into the hand-held canister, which uses the process of electrolyzation to shower your skin with a vitamin C mist. The spray is so fine that it allows the free-radical-foiling, collagen-cranking formula to penetrate skin more deeply than your average ‘dew’. A daily spritz or two is clinically proven to lessen lines, wrinkles and even the most stubborn sun spots on all skin types. “

While my daily vitamin C intake is more than plentiful, a little extra misted over my skin as a refresher now and then can’t hurt. Not that I have lines, wrinkles, or sunspots just yet, but it’s all about prevention!

2. Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadow Palette ($8) and All Over Face Palette ($10): “The internationally renowned design house decorates Avon’s newest makeup collection. Marimekko brings its famous floral motif to Avon’s latest limited-edition makeup collection. Like the classic poppy pattern, Avon’s collection is bold, fun and easy to wear.”

A good friend of mine got me a Marimekko print umbrella for my birthday this past May and I’ve been a little Marimekko-obsessed ever since. The price is defnitely right for both of these products, and for your money you get a gorgeous palette as well as a mini work of art.

On a side note the little blurb I took from Avon above had a ridculous number of typos! =X

3. Euoko Matte Water ($55): “This antibacterial mattifying middleman restores skin to its rightful state before further treatment. Meadowsweet, coneflower and distilled Witch Hazel help make pores look downright puny, while oligopeptides let them breathe easy.”

They had me at matte!

4. Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur Black ($28): “A cosmetic jewel that turns lips into a spectacular fashion statement. Mysterious, sensual, luminous… For fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, black is THE color. And as a make-up artist, lips are THE focus. YSL GLOSS PUR Black unites these two facets of his art in a superb Limited Edition. From plum to ebony, it dresses lips in an infinite range of shades, depending on how it is applied – feather light or rich and bold. Transparent yet intense, it plays on the depths of black and the pure shine of a sparkle-free formula. Besides being the must-have make up item for Fall 2008, Gloss Pur Black is a preview of a new formula which will launch in Spring 2009, in 6 radiant shades, full of pure color and high shine.”

I know many of you despaired when I posted that this was available for pre-order (here) and it subsequently sold out, but have no fear it’s back in stock and currently available for purchase through the YSL site. Part of me wants to purchase this solely for the sake of owning it, but that’ impulse is what has gotten me to my current state of makeup clutter, so I’ll have to exercise some self control.

5. PerriconeMD Light Renewal ($335): “PerriconeMD’s first hand-held at-home light-therapy treatment that rivals in-office procedures. By using measured doses of red and infra-red light at specified time frames on targeted areas of the face, a renewed appearance of contour, tone, and texture presents itself on the surface, particularly around the eye area where significant studies were established.”

Light-therapy devices have always intrigued me; my practical side tells me that these could never work, but my gullible/willing to try anything side keeps trying to convince me otherwise. Thankfully I have no need for this device yet and so the little opposing voices in my head haven’t felt the need to go to war just yet, but one of these days my curious side my win out.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipsticks: Reviews and Lip Swatches (#1, 7, 8, 10, and 17)

September 22, 2008
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 ($34)

Isn’t this YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick sampler I received with my Semi Loose Powder purchase absolutely darling? The Saks site didn’t mention what shade(s) were included so I was absolutely thrilled to see four beautiful samples for me to play with. Plus you really need so little of the Rouge Voluptes thanks to their creaminess and extreme pigmentation that they’ll last me forever!

An added bonus is that the included little lip brush made me realize that the Rouge Voluptes are quite possibly the only lipsticks that have ever looked better on me when applied with a brush than applied straight out of the tube. It made such a huge difference for me!

YSL Rouge Volupte Swatches (L to R): #1 Nude Beige; #7 Lingerie Pink; #8 Fetish Pink; #10 Provocative Pink; #17 Red Muse

And the lip swatches (if the application is a little messy it’s because I was applying them one after the other for the sake of photos):

#1 Nude Beige

#1 Nude Beige: A pinky neutral beige that for me creates the perfect nude lip to go with some serious smoky eyes. A beautiful, easy-to-wear shade that I own a full-sized version of.

#7 Lingerie Pink
(I’m thinking a little bit of #17 was still on the brush when I applied this because it shouldn’t look this pink!)

#7 Lingerie Pink: Click here for a full review of this shade. By applying this with a brush I was able to a get a much sheerer application, and therefore achieve an infinitely more wearable look! It’s a light milky pink shade that isn’t the easiest to pull off, but if you love the super pale pink lip look, this is definitely for you.

#8 Fetish Pink

#8 Fetish Pink: A brighter version of Lingerie Pink. A beautiful medium pink that can be built into something much brighter.

#10 Provocative Pink

#10 Provocative Pink: Provocative Pink is a bright magenta that gives you that Barbie-doll look. While it may not be for everybody I happen to think it’s a beautiful vibrant shade that’s perfect for a pop of color against a neutral eye.

#17 Red Muse

#17 Red Muse: A bright orangey red that scared me in the packaging, but actually turned out to be quite flattering once on. You can see much more of the orange in the packaging than you can on my lips (thank goodness), and it makes for a great little black dress look.

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Yves Saint Laurent Semi Loose Powder in #2 Sand: Review and Photos

September 22, 2008
Yves Saint Laurent Semi Loose Powder ($56)

As promised, I’m here to tell you more about what I purchased with my Saks Mystery Money! Say hello to my beautiful (but ridiculously bulky) new Yves Saint Laurent Semi Loose Powder in #2 Sand–isn’t she shiny? So while I usually love YSL’s packaging, to be honest this is a little too much shiny gold on one product for my liking, but oh well! I love what’s inside enough to overlook the somewhat tacky exterior.

So why do you need this powder? Well first and foremost, it’s a pressed powder that you shave into a loose powder, meaning no more spilling powder in your purse! You grab the black dial, turn it clockwise until your desired amount of powder has been shaved off, and then apply. And on top of that this stuff is amazing for creating a flawless matte finish. It has enough color to it to camouflage any residual redness I may have left after foundation application and keeps me oil-free for hours on end. It took a day or two for this to grow on me since I’m used to the shimmer that my La Mer loose powder has, but now that it has I absolutely LOVE this!

I’ve been known on occasion to complain about the brushes that compacts come with–they’re usually cheap-feeling sad, stiff little things that can’t live up to the quality of their powder counterparts. But this YSL brush is a whole different story! It’s super soft, dense, and perfect for a mid-day powder touch-up.


So what’s the one thing I hate about this powder? I think it’s pretty obvious from the photo above–the thing is huge! I guess it’s not so large that I can’t travel with it, but I was hoping for something smaller =X. And one other little gripe I have is that the powder is rather heavily scented.

Two other minor concerns: (1) It annoys me that I can’t see how thick the powder is, so I don’t know how much I have, and (2) I wonder if I’ll be left with a small mound of powder at the center where the hexagon is. I’m thinking not, since that’s probably why the starburst is off center–so never mind!

The Inside (looks like a pretty starburst)

After a slight turn of the dial-see the shavings coming up?

A Close-Up

While the powder looks like it’s coming up in chunky curls, if you tap it around in the container you’ll see that it’s actually VERY finely milled and really looks and feels great on. Now if only they would slim down on the packaging and cut back on the scent, this would be a perfect product!

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Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as Primer Review and a Little DIY

September 22, 2008
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (~$7)

For those of you who’ve never heard of using Monistat Chafing Gel as a face primer, don’t go running for the hills at the thought of putting something from Monistat on your face! If you like silicone-based primers like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer, this is a great option for you at a fraction of the price. It even contains the same active ingredient, Dimethicone.

A little blob is all you need to cover your entire face.

The Good: As silicone-based primers go, this is definitely one of the best. It smooths on beautifully, gives your complexion a smooth as silk finish, and helps to keep you matte all day. Plus it’s cheap cheap cheap and comes in a handy, easy to travel-with squeeze tube! This did a better job at keeping me matte than the Smashbox did, and at about 1/5 of the price it’s definitely worth it.

I disgress but I always think it’s funny that the back of the tube says, “This product is not intended to treat yeast infections.” =P

The Bad: Like any other silicone-based primer, this may clog your pores and therefore cause breakouts if you’re not good about thoroughly cleansing at the end of every day.

The Ugly: Yes you’ll need to go to your local drugstore, walk down the “feminine care” aisle and pick up a Monistat product. But is it really any worse than going on a tampon run? I think not! So muster up that courage and go try this out!

Now for my little DIY installment: My favorite way to use my Monistant Chafing Gel is mixed in with my foundation of choice to create a siliconey foundation ala By Terry’s Light-Expert, Armani’s Face Fabric, etc. The consistency is heavenly, and your foundation will glide on with zero drag against your skin–you really need to try this!

Step 1: Squirt a little blob of the Monistant Chafing Gel onto the back of your hand.

Step 2: Add some foundation and luminizer (I had a small pump of my Beauty Credit Pearl Shine) on top of the Monistat.

Step 3: Mix everything together and apply to your face. See how the thin foundation from above now has that wonderful soft and plush silicone texture to it?

And in three easy steps you’ve got a foundation that not only feels amazing going on, but also absorbs oils and helps to keep you matte and fresh-faced all day!

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